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SEO Things That Are Not Ranking Factor Anymore

In SEO, there are lots of things you don't need to care about. They won't help your website rank better in search engines, or Google will take care of them without you needing to worry

Meta Keywords

Ignore them. Google doesn't use the keywords meta tag for search rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

Avoid it. Repeating the same words too much can make Google see your content as spam.

Keywords in the Domain Name or URL

It's not crucial. While having a relevant domain name is good, stuffing it with keywords won't help your SEO.

Top-Level Domains (like .com or .org)

These aren't very important for Google unless you're targeting a specific country.

Content Length

Focus on quality, not how long your content is. Good content is more about how useful it is to your audience.

Subdomains vs. Subdirectories

Choose what fits your site best. The structure can depend on what makes sense for your business and industry.


It's just one of many factors Google uses to determine rankings. Don't focus on it alone.

Duplicate Content

It's better to have unique content under each URL. However, Google doesn't penalize you just for having duplicate content unless it's copied from another site.

Number and Order of Headings

While it's good to keep headings clear for readers, Google isn't strict about how they're structured. No need for a specific number of headings.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Google doesn't directly use E-A-T as a ranking factor, so don't worry too much about it affecting your SEO.

Keep these points in mind to better understand how to improve your website's Google search ranking. Focus on creating useful and well-organized content rather than trying to trick search algorithms.

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